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VPS India volunteers

A part of our VPS family, including VPS India Board Members and volunteers Dr. Ashok Kumar and Anand Kishor Sharan, continue to coordinate a number of important service activities in Vrindavana. In order to fulfill the mission of preserving Braj culture, they are on the front lines! Perhaps some day, you too will contribute your services in Vrindavana! Their service includes:

  • Distribution of shoes, gloves and prasadam to Harijans They are the sweepers who work tirelessly without the proper clothing and equipment. They are often cold, hungry and exposed to unhygienic conditions.
  • Development of Radhavan Land Trust. VPS has purchased land in order to create a visitor center.
  • Provision of shelter and medical care to injured and wandering cows.
  • Daily prasadam distribution to Sadhus.
  • Free music classes through VPS Music Academy.

If you are planning to go to Vrindavana and would like to participate in any of these service activities, please contact Murli Shukla at [email protected] VPS INDIA OFFICE

Thakur Sri Radha Venugopal ji
Near Bankhandi Mehadev temple
Vrindavan- 281121
91 (976) 074-1454

VPS Chennai

In January 2005, Keshav, Nick and Chaita Guru left the comfort of their homes, jobs and families in Boston, at their own expense, to meet with the villagers of Oyyalikuppam to assess how VPS could serve the goal of bringing restoration and hope to tsunami survivors. Those of us in the USA who could not physically travel toIndia offered our local participation in interfaith activities, chanting and donations of clothing, household items and money. Venkat Dayanandan, VPS India Member, took the lead by his on-going coordination of service with Dr. Ashok Prabhath (Hope Foundation, Chennai Head), Sundaramoorthy, Anbazhagan, Kalyan Kumar Ketharaju and Nandagopal to deliver the direct services and adopt the village of Oyyalikuppam.

We are so inspired by and celebrate the cooperative loving effort that has led to the many accomplishments:

  • Initial post-tsunami cultural activities and games to instill the soul-shining smiles to faces that had been wrecked with shock and depression.
  • Prasadam feast that fathered the villagers together for the first time since the tsunami. This was the first non-packaged meal consumed by most.
  • Clothing distribution to the widows.
  • Construction of a safe and welcoming new primary school for the children. This includes the building, tables, chairs and benches, blackboards, notebooks and bags for the students. There is a newly built kitchen and bathroom too. Venkat helped inaugurate the school and the teacher and students are filled with joy!
  • The new medical clinic now has a doctor who visits regularly, a computer system, a refrigerator to hold critical medicines, a medicine rack, two basins, a privacy screen and a bed facility for the patients. VPS paid the operating cost for the medical clinic for one & half year. About 4000 patients were treated at the clinic facility in a four-month time frame.


VPS organizes several activities in the USA and India. VPS volunteers look for opportunities to serve the community. All our activities are brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers and sponsors.

We organize major festivals (Holi, Radhashtami and Deepavali) every year. Please check out a few Pictures from the Holi celebration (spring festival of colors) on April 9, 2005. Also please check out a video clip from this fun festival at VPS Videos. You may check out details of all our celebrations in past few years at Media Coverage.

Vaisnava Academy in Quincy, MA. The Vaisnava Academy is a school whose goal is to promote Braj Culture in the New England area. VPS has presented several public shows including Rama Leela, Radha-Krishna Leela and Narsimhadev Leela. The classes include Hindi lessons, yoga classes, music, dance, drama, games, story telling and cultural activities.

Regular Kirtan, Fire Yagna and Mantra chanting programs at homes, yoga centers and business offices.

Service in India: Besides serving Vrindavan, we adopted Oyyali Kuppam, a small village in South India that went through the tsunami disaster in December 2004. Please check the link for our Tsunami Relief Efforts.

We organize weekly yoga classes and Yoga retreats. We also conduct workshops for jalaneti and sutraneti.

The whole world is our family. Service is the freedom of the soul.